The industry’s most powerful and comprehensive financial account aggregation. Covering personal financial accounts, held-away client accounts, and custodial feed consolidation -- Quovo aggregation is the new data backbone of wealth management.
  • Thousands of client- and advisor-facing institutions
  • Diverse account types: banks, credit cards, retirement plans, discretionary/custodial accounts, self-directed brokerage, 529 plans, annuities, insurance and more
  • Rich, deep transaction histories -- not just balances and positions; more than just “screen scraping”
  • Support for both direct connections and credentials-based data access (including the industry’s most robust multifactor authentication resolution tools)
  • Intelligent transaction categorization for personal spending and budgeting
  • “Smart Syncing” to minimize the impact of institution downtime and connection breakages
  • Available via RESTful API, white-labeled dashboard interface, and/or SFTP batch files
“Before I saw Quovo in action, I thought that advisors had to settle for a less than optimal aggregation solution.”
Bob Veres, Inside Information
Quovo’s aggregation technology powers a wide array of workflows and applications. Example use cases include:
  • Advisors reporting on client held-away accounts through Quovo’s integrations with accounting and portfolio management systems.
  • Broker-dealers working smarter by integrating a 360 degree view of accounts into their client and advisor dashboards
  • FinTech companies and “robo advisors” using Quovo aggregation as a core component of their user onboarding and application experience
  • Financial institutions integrating Quovo aggregation for prospecting and holistic planning
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Quovo is the first “full stack” aggregation platform -- our deep data system is complemented by native analytics and presentation layers. We enable enterprise and institutional clients to run accounts, strategies or portfolios through a full analytics engine and display interactive insights as easy-to-integrate modular “widgets.”
  • Enhance your dashboard and applications with interactive insights built on Quovo data, using the industry’s most innovative proprietary visualization layer
  • Personal Financial Management modules such as net worth, assets and liabilities, spending and budgeting, and goal tracking
  • Comprehensive, interactive statistics around account performance, risk, allocation, and dozens of other areas of investment analysis
  • Elegant simulations including Monte Carlo projections, stress tests, and goal tracking
  • Available as pass-through statistics via API or as interactive dashboard modules
“The visual presentation of [insights] is impressive...and opens up a world of possibilities for custodians, broker/dealers and third-party software providers.”
Joel Bruckenstein, Financial Advisor
Quovo analytics and visualizations are used across the industry to power and enhance partner platforms and applications. Uses include:
  • Supplementing an existing portal with additional analytics to enable new features
  • Adding visualizations to client- or advisor-facing platforms for ease of use and user “delight.”
  • Powering prospecting and proposal engines involving disparate datasets
Solutions vary between “full suite” analytics accessed directly through Quovo dashboard and light, embeddable web widgets.
Quovo’s data engine powers your evolution into a dynamic, data-driven enterprise. Whether you’re an advisor looking to better understand your book of business or an enterprise tracking advisor and client activity, Quovo can help you leverage data science for more efficient insights and smarter growth. With Quovo BI, you can distill the powerful “so what, what now?” of aggregated data sets easily. BI examples include:
  • Monitor aggregated accounts for high priority movements or developments, from basic transfers and account openings to spikes (or dips) in the particular stats you care about.
  • Track advisor activity in client accounts for compliance and KYC purposes.
  • Evaluate outreach for prospects and current clients based on real-time alerts for activity- or performance-based triggers.
“Data aggregation is the tip of the iceberg. What advisors do with the data will separate the wheat from the chaff.”
Steve Lockshin, #1 Ranked Barron’s Ranked Advisor
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