Learn more about the solutions that power Quovo products below.
Automated Data Aggregation
Quovo automatically syncs to thousands of financial institutions, ranging from retail brokerages and banks to prime brokerages, custodians, and mutual fund families. Once an account is synced, our platform keeps it updated with nightly syncs.
Deeper History
We've built our core syncing and data aggregation technology from the ground up, ensuring that you get access to deeper histories and the most reliable data. Our goal is to retrieve comprehensive transaction data -- ideally back to every account's inception.
Custodial Feeds
Quovo integrates with a large number of direct custodial feeds, for portfolios directly managed by advisors, financial planners, and broker dealers. We normalize every feed to provide a single source for multi-custodial businesses.
Clean, Reconciled Data
Quovo doesn't just give you data -- we verify, validate, and reconcile it as well. Our algorithms normalize data across diverse custodians, creating "apples-to-apples" outputs regardless of where your account is held.
Automated Data Repair
Data can get ugly. When a financial institution isn't providing accurate or timely data, Quovo updates and backfills missing data to give you as complete a picture of your portfolio as possible. Then, when the correct data comes in, we repair the issue permanently.
Manual Entry Support
In the cases where an institution can't be synced or an account's data is incomplete, we allow you to enter your own portfolio data manually. Upload Excel files or tweak data directly on Quovo, so your data is always accurate and up-to-date.
Statement Reading
For advanced users, Quovo offers an industry-leading statement crawler that automatically retrieves data directly from brokerage statement PDFs. Upload your records into our system and bridge the gap between older data and today's Big Data edge.
Proprietary Security Master
Quovo's security master database houses data on >100,000 individual companies and securities. We store fundamental data, asset class data, and pricing information for dozens of asset classes, which is then used to normalize data regardless of source.
Corporate Actions Database
Quovo also maintains an active database of corporate actions, dividends, splits, listing changes, and security name modifications to apply additional layers of normalization onto our data feeds. These data sets make the difference between usable and unusable data.
Private Asset Support
Hedge funds and private equity/venture capital investments are often difficult to track. We give you a full toolkit of data management tools, including manual uploads and statement readers. Finally see all your investments together.
Atomic, Accurate Performance
Our algorithms rebuild history from the position and transaction level. This means that we can represent your history from any period, for any component of your portfolio; or, even any grouping of your portfolios that you want to combine together.
Cash-adjusted, GIPS-friendly
Quovo's performance algorithms are generated daily, adjusted for cash withdrawals and deposits. Our time-weighting algorithm complies with GIPS standards for performance tracking. Finally get your true performance.
Detailed Risk Analyses
Ranging from basic volatility and Alpha to stats like Sharpe, Sortino, Information Ratio and Value at Risk, we give you the tools that used to only be reserved for the highest end of the professional set. Risk is a priority for every investor — get the tools to truly understand it in your portfolio.
Indexing and Ranking
Comparative analytics can be extremely helpful in getting a sense of context for your clients, portfolios, or even your practice. Quovo’s analytics can tell you not only what’s happening, but how it compares to aggregate trends to help you place yourself among the crowd.
Fully Customizable
Analytics aren't useful unless they're relevant. That's why we let you customize and manage the most important pieces of every analytic. No more pre-canned reports coming once a quarter — you're in control of what you see and when you see it.
Look-through Allocation
Dig into the underlying exposure within pooled vehicles such as ETFs and mutual funds, and see your true underlying exposure — not just what pooled vehicles you own. Think of it as the transparency to truly understand where your portfolio is allocated.
Accurate Benchmarking
Quovo offers a wide range of benchmarks to use for comparing your portfolio over time. Even better, we provide a set of blended benchmarks that more accurately represent a diverse portfolio — and we're adding new ones all the time.
Our suite of easily configurable dashboards can give you an out-of-the-box offering backed by our data science and designed with digital UX best practices. don’t want the full dashboard? No problem - pick the elements most important to you and they’re easily integrated into your own system.
Reports and Alerts
Quovo's workflow tools help you translate portfolio insights into practical reference points you can easily fold into your routines. Whether it’s a dead connection, new data, or a spike in trading activity, Quovo can give you the right heads-up at the right time.
Business Intelligence
Tap into must-know patterns across portfolios, advisors and clients. More than portfolio management, Quovo BI helps you uncover hidden trends in your book in order to get smarter about your enterprise.
Data Visualizations
With an innovative library of in-house visualizations, Quovo brings you cutting edge data viz capabilities. Choose from a flexible set of modules that seamlessly translate complex data into a beautiful, interactive vision that will enlighten and delight your users.
Stress Tests
High-end investors run numerous scenarios on their portfolios in order to get a sense of how well their investments can weather market shocks and downturns. But investors of any size want that same peace of mind — and with Quovo's easy to use stress tests, they can get it.
Report Cards
Investors, advisors, and even firms are eager to better understand how they're doing — in ways that matter to them. Quovo's report card feature evaluates you (or anyone else you’d like) against a diverse array of reference sets so you can see how you score and rank.
Strategy Tracking
Quovo empowers investors to easily construct their own strategies. Track yourself against a basket of securities or custom benchmark that's tailored to your unique needs and goals.
Read-only Aggregation
Our syncing technology has been built in-house to be safe, secure, and above all else, read only. Our system is only capable of retrieving data from outside financial institutions and cannot execute trades or other transactions.
Bank-level Security
Quovo's top priority is always the safety and security of your sensitive information. All transmissions between you and our servers utilize 256-bit SSL encryption, and we maintain rigorous server-side firewalls to make sure that no unwanted eyes are looking at your data.
Extra Security in the Cloud
Quovo is hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud, which provides us (and you) with multiple physical and virtual redundant data backup protocols, as well as some of the safest server centers in the entire world. Even better, AWS offers high computing power and availability.
Internal Controls and Audits
We undergo regular internal control audits and password/encryption key resets to ensure that our security isn't just safe, it stays safe. Quovo employees can never access sensitive personal user information.